Bulk Assets
August 1, 2015

In addition to “Individual” Assets in which each asset is tracked separately, you can now track “Bulk” Assets by Quantity, Location, and Custodian.

Bulk Assets are items such as Chairs, Hammers, Flashlights, etc. which you want to keep track of who checked out how many of each item and where they are, but you do not need to track them individually by serial number.

Bulk Assets are tracked on the same asset form like Individual Assets, but you can now add line items on the asset form with the Quantity, Custodian, and Location of each batch of assets that have been checked out or is available for check out. This gives you a quick view of who has how many of the items, as well as how many are still available for check out.

When bulk assets are returned, you can look up the asset, locate the check out record, and check in the Quantity of items that the Custodian has returned. This makes it easy to confirm whether all items which were checked out have been checked in.

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