Introduction to Training Manager Web Edition

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Training Manager Web Edition is a web-based Training Records Software for managing your company's Employee Training Records.


Training Manager provides a central online repository for storing and retrieving your training records, allowing you to quickly look up training transcripts or gaps in required training. Training Manager is designed to work with very little configuration required. This web edition allows you to set up your training records system online and access it from anywhere with a web browser and internet connection.


How It Works

To get started, Courses and Personnel are added to the system. Then you can add completed training and required training.


Training Manager will use the required training and completed training list to automatically calculate training status reports.


Features and Benefits at a Glance



Track employee training records.
Report on training status and easily identify training gaps and training due to expire soon.
Manage requirements company-wide, by group, job role, or individually.
Track attendance, cancellations, no shows, etc.
Record training credits, training hours, and assessment scores.
Print transcripts, training plans, compliance reports, and more.
Track training costs by Group, Individual, Course, Category, or Supervisor.
Automatically track all changes in an Audit Trail.



Be ready for a training audit at any time with Summary and Detail Status reports.
Eliminate time wasted searching through file cabinets and loose papers for paper sign-in sheets.
Keep track of who has been trained and when re-training is due.
Maintain a central repository for training documents, and records.
Eliminate wasted time manually creating training reports.



Training Manager Subscription

A Training Manager subscription may be purchased online with a credit card. To purchase a subscription:
1) Login to your Trial account.
2) Click the button in the toolbar for the main "Options" page.
3) Click the "Begin Paid Subscription" button, and then choose your subscription plan.
Your Training Manager subscription will be kept up-to-date with all new releases automatically at no extra charge.
Your subscription includes all required web hosting and file storage.
Support by email is available free for both trial and licensed users (see additional support information in the next section).


*Prices are listed on the main pricing page in USD. Prices in EUR and other currencies are based on the exchange rate at the time of purchase, and will be displayed on the checkout page.


Training Manager Support

All Training Manager support is available free by email. Additional paid support by telephone is not available at this time. This support model allows our customers around the globe to reach an appropriate expert for their specific technical, sales, or customer service question without wading through multiple levels of support and call backs. Support tickets may be submitted through the website at



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